About Nutraceuticals


Over the years, nutraceuticals have gained more and more popularity due to their potential nutritional, safety, and therapeutic effects.
People are aware of the fact that due to the life rhythm of the modern world;
we do not consume all the vitamins and nutrients that our body needs to maintain healthy and strong.
Nutraceuticals may be used to improve health, prevent chronic diseases, or just support functions and integrity of the body.
They are also consumed as a source for life threatening diseases such as diabetes,
renal and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as different infections prevention.

GOFOS™ Soluble Prebiotic Fiber

Nutraceuticals’ popularity is constantly growing thanks to their nutritional, safety, and therapeutic effects.
Modern life rhythm, dictates lack of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals - essential for our health. Stress is another harmful factor.
Nutraceutical supplements, replenish those deficiencies, preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders etc. supporting our health, our immune system, and our general wellbeing.
Incorporating GOFOS™ in various nutraceuticals platforms has significant positive effect on the overall advantages we gain when consuming it.

GOFOS™ Galam sc-FOS, belongs to a group of strong prebiotics, highly known and well documented for their beneficial roles in healthy colon function, providing proven prebiotic effects at low doses of 2.5gr/day.
GOFOS™ may act as a nutritional supporting aid to the maintenance of the immune resistance including viral infections and secondary bacterial infections.








Dietery Fiber

Law Aw

Law Aw


  • Clinical nutrition
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Sports drinks
  • Powdered form nutraceuticals
  • Gummies
  • Bars
  • Cosmetics

GOFOS™, as a Dietary Supplements can be applied alone or in combination with other fibers, vitamins, probiotics, nutrients, digestive enzymes.

GOFOS™ advantages in human health

  • Promotes Calcium and Magnesium absorption
  • Improves the release of SCFA* in human colon
  • Enhances immunity
  • Highly effective prebiotic fiber
  •  Stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Inhibits the growth of potential pathogens
  • Aides blood sugar management
  • Aids weight management
  • Improves gut motility
  • Low Aw

* SCFA = Short Chain Fatty Acids


Nutraceutical characteristics

  • Clean sweet taste
  • 30% Sweetening
  •  Power vs. sucrose
  •  White color
  •  Highly soluble
  •  Binding properties
  •  Rheological properties, comparable to sucrose

GOFOS™ Inulin
Reduction Sugar +++ +
Fiber Enrichment +++ +++
Prebiotics +++ ++
Fat Replacement - ++

Fructose - Fruitose®

One of the main challenges of the sweeteners industry is to find a high-quality and non-GMO product that provide many benefits and functional properties to an application.
Galam, is the world's largest manufacturer of crystalline fructose and provides superior product, Fruitose®.
Fruitose® is often used to balance flavors and brix level between batches. Since it is identical to the natural fructose substance, many companies have the preference for Fruitose® by Galam due to its high quality, purity, and the different characteristics to corn-based fructose.

The applications are endless and very common in Baby food, Infant food, clinical nutrition, supplements, syrups, sport nutrition, Infusion, and more.

Fruitose® - Properties and Benefits

  • High natural sweetness potency x 2-1.5 vs. sucrose
  • Low Glycemic index (GI) = 20 (vs. 60 for sucrose
  •  Rapid onset of sweetening perception
  •  Contribution to flavor improvement
  •  Flavor enhancements and mask of notes
  •  Fructose may assist lowering "freezing point “temperatures,
    resulting in creamier/softer ice-cream with improved “scoop-ability”.
  •  High solubility, sugar i.e., ~80% (20°C) soluble sugar resistant to crystallization
  •  Provides a low water-activity (aw), increasing food freshness/shelf life.
  •  Fructose provides excellent “Maillard-browning” ability resulting in nice brownish coloration and aroma of bakery products.