Galam is a firmly established and recognized company. From our headquarters in Israel and throughout our German and Spanish facilities, Galam’s employees are the backbone of our success.
Galam employees and managers are committed to Galam’s values of Integrity and trust, Continuous improvement, Partnership and Pro-activeness. We are proud to work together with people from diverse communities and sectors of society and recognize the vital part every employee plays in Galam’s growth and success.
We consider ourselves to be an ever-evolving organization, polishing our expertise and constantly seeking out the latest and best practices. At Galam, we cultivate a culture of development and learning, providing employees with numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. Galam also encourages every staff member to take a proactive role in influencing the company’s choices and future direction.
If you are a team player who thrives in a creative environment, seeks opportunities to expand your skill set and values the chance to influence change, then Galam can offer you exceptional opportunities in a variety of positions.

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February 21, 2021

Spain Managing director

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