Organic sweeteners & fibers

Organic sweeteners & fibers

Galam’s Organic line offers ready to use solutions for sweetening, sugar reduction and fiber enrichment.

The line products are in liquid form and available in IBC and Bulk packaging.

  • All Galam organic’s product hold an Organic certification
  • Tailor-made solutions are available upon request

Organic Sweetening solution

  •  Organic liquid sugar
  • Organic Inverted sugar
  • Organic Agave fructose syrup

Organic solutions for sugar reduction and fiber enrichment

  •  Organic liquid fiber (GOFOS™ 55)
  • Organic fiber syrup

Packaging options

  •  IBC 600 liters (840 Kg)
  •  IBC 1000 liters (1.350 Kg)
  • Cistern 24.5 mt