Pet Food

Pet Food

GOFOS™ prebiotic soluble fiber supports digestive wellbeing.
Modern Pet owners (Pet Parents), want what is best for their pets, looking to add value to what their pets eat.
GOFOS™, sc-FOS (short chain Fructooligosacharride) prebiotic fiber is scientifically verified to support Pets’ digestive and immune health, positively enhances the gastrointestinal ecosystem of cats and dogs.
These health benefits may easily be obtained even at very small quantities, providing a cost-effective way to add consumer friendly label claims on companion animal products.
GOFOS™ has the capacity to both stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria and inhibit pathogenic bacteria in cats and dogs at low doses.

GOFOS™ benefits for PET

  • A highly effective soluble prebiotic fiber - one of the most studied fiber
  • Stimulates the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria in the gut
  • Health effects are achieved at low dose
  • Supports digestive health
  •  Prebiotic - stimulates growth of friendly Intestinal microflora
  •  Helps reduce stool odors
  • Contributes to good stool quality
  • Reduces diarrhea
  • Enhances immune system
  •  Pet’s weight control

GOFOS™ and Pets Digestive System

  •  Cats and dogs have short digestive tract; therefore, prebiotics must be rapidly fermented to ensure maximum efficacy while preventing soft stool or diarrhea.
  •  GOFOS™, being a short chain Fructooligosacharride, is successfully and rapidly fermented, inducing mainly saccharolytic fermentation, preventing the production of putrefactive compounds, such as: phenols, indoles, ammonia, and some biogenic amines, supporting the beneficial merits mentioned above.

GOFOS™ implementation

GOFOS™ is easy to incorporate and use in all types of pet foods.
Its stability in high shear extrusion, high temperature of pasteurization and UHT enable the application in canned and dry food or added directly to dry ingredients or mixed with liquids.
GOFOS™ provides a clean, mildly sweet taste and enhances palatability, masking the off notes of a variety of feed inputs, which encourages fussy eaters and pets with sensitive tummies.



  •  Encourage healthy digestive function.
  • Prebiotic
  •  Improve microflora balance.
  •  Help support the immune system.
  •  Help reduce stool odor.