Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Galam is aware of the global trends for sugar reduction, fiber enrichment and prebiotic effect which have proven health benefits.
Our customers seek for ingredients that will help them to offer their consumers improvement for loved and new recipes while maintaining the original texture and flavors of those products.


GOFOS™ is a multifunctional prebiotic fiber that plays an important role in sugar reduced applications, by improving and enhancing flavors, masking artificial sweetener after-taste, enriching with fiber, and supporting gut health and immune system, thanks to its effective prebiotic effect, without compromising the original texture of the application.
A daily consumption of prebiotic fiber has many positive effects on the human gut health and immune system. Worldwide organizations recommend around 20 to 30gr of prebiotic fiber a day (0.3gr/1kg of body weight) - For this reason, a daily intake of GOFOS™ offers a great solution for this purpose.


Fructose is widely used as a nutritive sweetener in food and beverages. Its benefits include low glycemic index, high natural sweetness potency and flavor enhancement, just to name a few.

Fruitose® our non-GMO, beet sugar based crystalline Fructose is ideal for sugar and calories reduction, while maintaining a natural sweet taste.

Is it used in alcoholic beverages, natural juices, bakery, confectionary among other applications.

Why Should We Use GOFOS™ in food and beverages?

  • Sugar reduction 
  • Sweetening power ≈ 30% compared to sucrose
  • Fiber enrichment
  • Prebiotic effect
  • Same “clean” organoleptic properties as sucrose – (no off taste, simple implementation)
  • Low caloric value 2kcal/g
  • Low Glycemic index
  • Synergistic effect sucrose and selected intense sweeteners
  • Flavor enhancement
  • Provides cohesiveness (internal “stickiness”)


Dairy products are known for years as a major source of calcium, essential for building and strengthening of the human bones, as well as an excellent platform for delivering probiotic bacteria.
GOFOS™ incorporation in dairy products, improves the bioavailability and absorption of Ca and Mg in addition to its merits of sugar reduction and fiber enrichment, and also in its outstanding synergy with probiotics such as bifidobacterial and lactobacillus creating Synbiotic effect (Synergy + Biotic) without compromising the original taste and texture.
Fruitose® allows sugar reduction and flavor improvement in dairy products, as well as masking bitter, metallic, off-notes/aftertaste of high intensity sweeteners.

Benefits in Dairy products:

  • Fiber enrichment
  • Sugar/calories reduction
  • Improvement of absorption of Nutrient such as Calcium and Magnesium
  • Taste improvement
  • Prebiotic effect
  • Synbiotic effect with probiotics


Baked goods comprise a complex ingredient system, in which any change in key ingredient can dramatically influence the product’s texture, taste and shelf life. Moreover, baked goods manufacturers are challenged their consumers’ preferences for reduced fat, salt and sugar products.

Achieving the desired product outcome without taste or texture compromises requires some skillful choices: Selecting the right ingredient mix, while taking into consideration every ingredient’s individual properties and interactions with other ingredients when blended.
GOFOS™ is widely used in applications such as Cereal bar / protein bar, Cookies, Sponge cake, Crackers, Tortillas.
Fruitose® provides excellent “Maillard-browning” ability resulting in nice brownish coloration and aroma of bakery products.

Benefits in Bakery products:

  • Fiber enrichment
  • Sugar/calories reduction
  • Taste improvement
  • Binding properties
  • Improves crispiness
  • Synergy with intense sweeteners
  • Carbohydrate substitute
  • Creates similar browning to sugar
  • Shelf life similar to sugar
  • Stable in the baking and extrusion process


The confectionery segment’s broad product range includes sugar and sugar substitute-based sweets, chocolates, gummies, fillings, and aerated confectionery.
Across this product spectrum, confectionery manufacturers are expected to find the elusive and delicate balance between tasty indulgence and healthy treat. To satisfy today’s health-conscious consumer, more steps are being taken towards reducing sugar, adding functional additives, and using natural ingredients. The challenge is to do so without compromising the product’s taste, mouthfeel, and shelf-life.
Fruitose®  in combination with high purity sweeteners and other ingredients can mask off-notes, generating optimal texture, appearance, and taste, and tackle technological hurdles such as filling spread out or sugar crystallization.
GOFOS™ can is applied to reduce all or only part of the sugar, delivering a tasty and slightly sweet product.

Benefits in Confectionary:

  • Sugar reduction
  • Fiber enrichment
  • Taste improvement
  • Prebiotic effect

Jams & Fruit Preparations

Once a mean of preserving fruits out of season, today’s fruit preparations and jams industry spans a variety of product categories.
From end consumer products to ingredients for bakery and dairy manufacturers, sugars play a key role in this sector. However, manufacturers in this category are facing increasing consumer demand for healthier, lower-sugar indulgences.
When dealing with jams and fruit preparations, it is important to select the right sweetening systems. This allows manufacturers to tackle technological hurdles such sugar crystallization and water migration over time. In addition, it allows maintaining the shelf-life, sweetness, taste, and texture in sugar-reduced products.
GOFOS™ enables sugar and calories reduction and is widely used in Fruit preparations. 
Fruitose® , our non-GMO crystalline fructose, provides a high quality sweetening ingredient to the application, improving taste and masking other high intensity sweeteners.

Benefits in Jams & Fruit preparations:

  • Sugar and Calories reduction
  • Fiber enrichment
  • Taste improvement
  • Prebiotic effect

Nutritional Bars

In response to the sweeping trend for convenient and healthy snacks, the nutritional bars market is constantly and dramatically growing.
Today’s shelves are stacked with products that are protein enriched, sugar reduced, many contain whole grains and other fiber sources. Originally targeting sports enthusiasts to support aerobic activity, nutritional bars have since evolved to provide a healthy, yet tasty snacking option for all.
GOFOS™ is ideal for energy and protein bars, thanks to its multiple functionality properties that enable sugar and calories reduction, together with fiber enrichment, offering an efficient prebiotic effect. All together provide an optimal texture, and enhanced nutritional value.

Benefits in Nutritional bars:

  • Sugar reduction
  • Fiber enrichment
  • Taste improvement
  • Prebiotic effect
  • Crunchiness
  • Binding agent


Cereals are related to fiber enrichment and gastrointestinal health, that has many health benefits such as decrease the risks of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and colon cancer.
Although we are looking for a healthy breakfast solution, we do not always pay enough attention to the high amounts of sugar in every portion.
GOFOS™ is a great option for sugar reduction, thanks to its 30% sweetening power. It can be applied inside the dough and also on the outside coating, adding great crunchiness and sweetness to every bite, contributes to fiber enrichment while enhancing fruity, vanilla and chocolate flavors.
GOFOS™ is stable in heat and extrusion conditions, its initial fiber levels are fully maintained and not affected by the production process.

Functional Drinks

Whether juice, water or dairy-based, functional beverages serve as a thirst-quencher and wellness drink combined. They can be fortified with a wide array of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutraceuticals, targeting a wide range of purposes.
Inevitably, expanding possibilities also increase production complexities, such as incorporating nutritious ingredients without sacrificing on taste. In addition, today’s consumers are not only aware of what is added to a product, but also what is reduced - particularly sugar and calories. Expertly selecting and matching nutritional ingredients, sugars and sugar substitutes as well, is essential to achieving health-promoting products that still deliver optimal taste, texture, and shelf life.
Galam presents its customers with solutions for functional drinks, combining GOFOS™ for sugar reduction, fiber enrichment and prebiotic effect to achieve desired taste, optimal texture, and enhanced nutritional value. 
Our Fruitose® provides high and natural sweetening taste, enabling sugar reduction in flavored water and low pH beverages.

Benefits in Functional drinks:

  • Sugar reduction
  • Fiber enrichment
  • Taste improvement
  • Prebiotic effect


Consumers are much more aware of the amount of sugar ingested and its consequences on our health, therefore we live in a constant seek for other sweetening solutions that can provide similar product properties. We are looking for healthier alternatives without giving up the indulgence.


Fruitose® Galam crystalline fructose provides a fast and clean sweetening solution in many applications, Thanks to its 1.4 sweetening power vs. sucrose and more pronounced in acidic and cold temperatures, Fruitose® allows calories reduction of 15-30% Enabling sugar reduction in flavored water and low pH beverages.


GOFOS™ can play an important role in sugar reduction thanks to its 30% sweetening power, similar organoleptic properties of sugar together with low glycemic index.
It is very synergetic with other sweeteners, high intensity, artificial and/or natural, maintaining a much cleaner taste by masking after-tastes and balancing sweetness.
GOFOS™ is widely used in dairy, confectionery, and bakery, contributing to sugar reduction, fiber enrichment, as well as prebiotic effect.