Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition

Nutrition is a crucial element for successful animal farming where even a tiny improvement can generate substantial economic benefits.

By harnessing Galam’s decades of expertise of producing quality ingredients, we offer beneficial ingredients for animal feeding. By increasing animal’s immunity, reducing stress, increasing productivity, and controlling feed costs, Galam takes part to ensure your success.

Ingredients for animal feed

  •  sc-FOS
  • Corn gluten meal
  • Corn germ

GOFOS™ for Animal Feeding

GOFOS™ offer unique added value for animal nutrition. Our Short Chain -fructo-oligosaccharides (sc-FOS) are soluble non-digestible dietary fiber, selectively fermented in the animal’s gut, remarkably beneficial to the nutrition of poultry, swine, calves, fish, and crustaceans.
While pressure to eliminate antibiotics and environmentally harmful substances from animal feed protocols and formulas, Galam GOFOS™ allows to formulate advanced feed rations by significantly improving digestion, increasing mineral absorption, enhancing immunity, improving survival rates, and increasing productivity.

  • GOFOS™ for poultry
  • GOFOS™ for swine feeding
  • GOFOS™ for aquaculture
  • GOFOS™ for calves

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GOFOS™ for Poultry Feeding

The economic reality of poultry growing, both broilers and layers, requires holding large numbers of chickens in close and dense production facilities, resulting in faster spread of infectious diseases. For this reason, poultry growers tend to rely on the usage of antibiotics to prevent diseases and increase survival rates. The use of antibiotics in livestock leads to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria so many countries banned their use as a standard feed additive.
By improving the chicken gut microbiota, GOFOS™ enhances immunity, increase survival rates, improves digestion, while simultaneously reducing or eliminating the need for antibiotics use in poultry feed.
GOFOS™ promotes the establishment of healthy microbiota and is substantially beneficial for early-stage growth. Since chickens have very short gut, beneficial bacteria have less niche to multiply and have strong competition with pathogens.
To build up a healthy gut microbiota, it is important to introduce GOFOS™ in starter feed rations. Microbiota that is NOT established during the first 14 days is very difficult to improve afterwards, therefore early stage feeding of prebiotic GOFOS™ helps probiotic bacteria thrive.
GOFOS™ is ideal to combine with probiotics as a cost-effective synbiotic solution to create a robust gut microflora.
GOFOS™ can substantially reduce the need for incorporating organic acids to the ration planning. The proliferation of bifidobacterial results in increased production of SCFA (short chain fatty acids) in the colon, making additions of butyric or other acids much less relevant.
The use of expensive phytogenic or essential oils that act as bactericide are often used in feed rations to reduce pathogens by destroying overall microbiota i.e., both good and bad. Phytogenic could also be reduced by using GOFOS™ by promoting beneficial bacteria, the niche for pathogens is dramatically reduced.

GOFOS™ poultry inclusion rates start from 0.4% in early rations and drops to 0.1% in finisher rations.

GOFOS™ for Calves Feeding

The digestive development of calves’ rumen is highly crucial for dairy cows’ performance during 1st lactation.
For this reason, dairy farmers pay special attention to young calves’ nutrition and invest substantial resources
to make sure their calves receive the optimal conditions for a healthy growth.
Calves in dairy farms are often fed by milk replacers until weaning.
Dry starter feed is given before weaning to enhance rumen maturation and the development of the digestive system.
GOFOSTM prebiotic fibers play an important role in both calves’ milk replacers and starter feed.

Milk replacers

  • Establish healthy microbiota
  • Improve gut health
  • Reduces diarrhea
  • Inhibit the growth of pathogens

Dry starter feed

  • Speed up rumen development.
  • Enhance rumen health.
  •  Reduces diarrhea.
  • The implementation of GOFOS™ sc-FOS contributes to reduced sickness days,
    fewer veterinary expenses, faster & easier weaning with heavier weight at weaning.

GOFOS™ for swine feeding

Many swine growers find diseases in piglets hard to control. Piglets often suffer from diarrhea and e-coli infections, resulting in reduced growth and higher mortality rates. The ban on antibiotics use in many countries made pathogens even harder to combat, often applying excessive amounts of zinc oxide and copper sulphate. These substances have severe environmental impact, are harmful for plant growth, inhibit photosynthesis and can cause crop failures.

GOFOS™ enables a more positive approach to improve swine health and reduce usage of antibiotics. By enhancing swine’s gut health and immunity, applying GOFOS™ can reduce mortality rates, improve digestion, and promote the growth of healthy pigs, which proves very economic to swine growers.

In piglets’ gut, beneficial bacterial have strong competition with pathogens, especially with e-coli that cause diarrhea. Our goal is to build-up a healthy gut microbiota. For this reason, swine growers incorporate prebiotic (fibers as early as the creep feed (21 days old).

GOFOS™ enables to reduce lactose extensive levels and replace zinc oxide in swine formulations.

Combinations with probiotics as a synbiotic solution is a proven cost-effective method to create a healthy gut microflora and to control harmful pathogen infections.

Galam’s experts would be at your service to upgrade your formulas to the next level.

GOFOS™ for aquaculture

GOFOS™ is a soluble, non-digestible prebiotic fiber, of which about 95% consists of short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (sc-FOS).
Being a prebiotic fiber, GOFOS™ upgrades aquafeed formulas to meet growers
demand for increased productivity, healthier and cost-effective feed.

By proliferating beneficial gut bacteria, GOFOS™ contributes
to a wide range of advantages that results in substantial economic benefits.

  • Reduce FCR
  • Improve survival rate.
  • Growth performance (SGR)
  • Support gut health and digestion
  • Inhibits potential pathogens and enhance immunity.
  •  Improve digestion.
  •  Eliminate or reduce the need to use antibiotics.
  •  Increased efficiency of minerals absorption
  •  In a controlled trial on white pacific shrimps, supplementation of GOFOS™ was found to dramatically improve shrimp production performance:
  •  Reduce FCR (feed conversion rate) by up to 18%
  •  Improve survival rate by 4%-16%

GOFOS™ Aquafeed inclusion rates 0.4% -0.5%.
By sharing our knowledge, nutritional requirements, and production parameters, Galam optimizes existing formulas to produce GOFOS™ -supplemented aquaculture feed.