About Us

Galam Group

Galam is a global group focused on the development, production and marketing of raw materials, flavors, and food additives. The company's products are sold to several industries: food and beverages, food supplements, pet food, farm animal food, cardboard, paper, adhesives and more.

Its headquarters, R&D laboratories and main production plants are located in the center of Israel. The company also has application & development laboratories, production facilities and distribution centers in Germany and Spain.

The group has over 80 years of experience in the industry, and a deep knowhow of the Israeli and global markets, including engineering knowhow, marketing research, a long-standing reputation in the global food market, as well as a sales network that serves thousands of customers in over 60 countries.

Galam operates in two main areas:

 FoodTech - the company uses innovative technologies to produce healthy raw materials and food additives with added value that provide a variety of solutions for food and food additive manufacturers and specializes mainly in sugar & calories reduction, taste improvement, fiber enrichment and prebiotic fibers.

Industry - the company produces a variety of raw materials and ingredients including natural and processed starches, fructose (fruit sugar) and glucose syrup, for the food and beverage industry, cardboard and paper, textiles, and other industries. Most of the company's products are produced from raw materials that are not genetically modified (hereinafter: NON -GMO). The industry division sells additional nutritional ingredients such as: protein, sprouts and oils and fibers to feed companies.

In addition, Galam has a local subsidiary, “Dagal Trade & Marketing Ltd.”, which is dedicated to the import and marketing of raw materials, special and high-quality additives that are carefully selected mainly for the Israeli market, which are not manufactured by it and meet the most stringent international standards and requirements, and this is part of the service it provides to its customers, which includes providing a total solution for their needs.

The two subsidiaries, in Spain (Galam Invest) and Germany (Eurosweet GmbH), which are 100% owned by the company, operate in both fields; FoodTec and industry, with advanced applications capabilities and the ability to independently develop formulations based on fiber and sweeteners, and quality liquid mixtures for food and beverage manufacturers in Europe. In addition to the independent development and production capabilities, the subsidiaries serve as warehouses and distribution centers in Europe.

The group of companies is held by Fimi (2017), a limited partnership, which is the controlling owner of the company.

Our Vision

Galam is constantly striving to maintain its position as a leading global company in the field of specialty ingredients for the food & beverage, Nutraceutical, Pet food, feed industries and non-food industries.

Our Mission

Integrity, Partnership, Continuous Improvement and Proactiveness are Galam core values, guiding our activities and every decision we make.

Our Production Sites

Spain - Galam Iberia

Germany - Eurosweet

Galam Israel (HQ)

Dagal Israel - Trade & Marketing