Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment to our employees

Since our employees are our greatest asset, we are dedicated to fair employment practices, providing, and maintaining equal opportunities for all of our employees. Galam people reflect our region’s rich demographic diversity, sharing an organizational culture of open dialogue, cooperation, and transparency. Galam’s health and safety measures and its strict safety policy, protect our employees and continuously reduce risks in the workplace. We also invest in the development and advancement of our employees with extensive enrichment and training programs, seminars, and conferences, as well as providing financial assistance for academic studies.

Our commitment to the environment

We are committed to minimize negative ecological effects on our environment and our planet. Our location in rural, agricultural communities, leads us to dedicate significant resources to protect our environment for future generations. Our operations and entire production process strive to consistently utilize renewable energy sources, promote water and energy conservation, and reduce waste generation.

Our commitment to the community

We consider community involvement to be an integral part of our identity. Fostering authentic human interaction in the region, we are proud of our employees’ volunteer activities, partnering in monthly social enrichment programs with children from both the Arab and Jewish communities. In addition, we have designed and implemented education programs including the Dr. Willi Groag scholarship fund and high school biotechnology studies sponsorship. We have also learnt that work-based volunteering directly translates into a more engaged workforce. Therefore, Galam also hosts many educational forums and site visits, guiding students through our production plants and laboratories.

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